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CarbaLux presents the new CarbaLux Test NC with the known chromogenic reagent nitrocefin for the rapid detection of all types of betalactamases (penicillinases, cephalosporinases and carbapenemases) and is therefore recommendable to be performed as pre-assay. In particular, the Test NC is suitable for the investigation of penicillinase in Neisseria and Hemophilus spp.

The diagnostic value of nitrocefin has been known for forty years. Problems could arise because of low solubility of nitrocefin in aqueous solution, its sensitivity to light and the limited shelf stability of stock solutions.

CarbaLux has now developed the storage-stable and ready-to-use Test NC which is available in single portioned units (SPU), avoiding time-consuming preparations. Thus the aforementioned issues can be overcome, leading to reliable results (see figure below).

Like in the carbapenemase CF-assay the bacteria are harvested directly from an agar plate. A suitable number of tubes is taken from the supplied container and CarbaLux Xtract buffer II for Test NC is added in equal volumes into each tube, followed by a loopful of the bacteria to be tested. After dispersion, the test result can be read by vision in a few minutes. With a positive test the initial pale yellow colour changes to intense dark red. The Test NC works at room temperature and incubation is not required.

yellow (negativ, no resistence enzymes): E. coli DSM1003
red (positiv, with resistence enzymes); Klebsiella pneumoniae ESBL



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