CarbaLux Test Clox



To identify the nature of participating carbapenem hydrolyzing enzymes the supplemental CarbaLux AmpC test (Test Clox) is suitable. This assay is always carried out in connection with the Test CF and usually carried out, when the Test CF was positive, with a dark tube. As AmpC enzymes are often active in Enterobacter cloacae or Ent. aerogenes spp., both assays may be performed in parallel with these species.

The tubes contain cloxacillin, in addition to the fluorescent CF-substrate. The method consists of a selective inhibition of AmpC enzymes by cloxacillin. The protocol is that of the Test CF.

Condition of the test tubes after 120 min at 37 °C


Condition of the test tubes after 120 min at 37 °C
 enzyme  Test  Test Clox on AmpC
 carbapenemase opt. with participation of blaAmpC  dark  dark
 carbapenemase negative and blaAmpC hyperproduction. neg  fluorescent  fluorescent
 Carbapenemase negative and blaAmpC hyperproduction  dark  fluorescent




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