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CarbaLux supplies two different starter kits with necessary reagents and accessories, as well as the test tubes as consumables.
Starter Kit 1 is for the determination of carbapenemases including hyperproducing AmpC beta-lactamases.
Starter Kit 2 contains the reagents of the Nitrocefin test.

Starter Kit
 Starter Kit 1 (CF, Clox)   € 425,-
 UV-hand lamp 312 nm (recommended)   € 415,-
 Starter Kit 2 (NC)   € 81,-

Content of Starter Kit 1 for carbapenemases: 1 pack (12 tubes) Test CF, 1 pack (12 tubes) Test Clox, 10 ml Xtract I for carbapenemase test, 1 stand for test tubes, 1 viewing box, 2 reference tubes, 5 ml Ferrum reagent, 2 ml carbapenemase solution for performance check, 25µl microliter syringe, UV-mini lamp, manual

Content of Starter Kit 2 for betalactamases and carbapenemases: 1 pack (12 tubes) Test NC and 10 ml Xtract II for Nitrocefin test

The hand lamp (230 V) generates the optimal UV light at 312 nm for the assessment of the carbapemase tests and is inserted into the viewing box for this purpose.

All prices excl. VAT and shipping (€ 15,-)


product order / reorder
 CarbaLux CF (12 tests)   € 90,-
 CarbaLux Clox (12 tests)   € 90,-
 Xtract I for carbapenemase test CF and Clox (ca. 100 tests, 10 ml)   € 27,-
 CarbaLux NC (12 tests)   € 54,-
 Xtract II for Nitrocefin test NC (ca. 100 Tests, 10 ml)   € 27,-

All prices excl. VAT and shipping (€ 12,-)

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CarbaLux-Tests pack with 12 tubes
UV-Handleuchte UV-hand lamp
Rack mit 10 Plätzen stand for 10 test tubes
Betrachtungsbox vieweing box for carbapenemase-test
UV-Minilampe UV-mini lamp for determining inherent fluorescence of bacteria strains



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